Latest Events
  • BRAC Development Institute (BDI)

    BRAC University offers a full-time, cross-disciplinary program leading to the Masters in Development Management and Practice (MDMP)
  • Brac University Participate In NASA Competition

    We all know that the space research institute is NASA.There is a competition which is conducted every year and this is named as Lunabotics Mining Contest (LMC) which is related to produce and show new robots.In the current year Brac University Bangladesh is going to participate in that contest.The Computer Science and Engineering Department of Brac University has built one robot which is going to be shown in that competition.
  • Departmental Seminar

    Possibilities of providing housing for the lower income group by the private sector in the context of Dhaka
  • Bangla Music

    BRAC University wins SAUFEST 2009
  • Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing

    The Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing (CRBLP) of BRAC University is currently conducting research projects that deal with Bangla language processing. At present the research team is working on Bangla Document authoring, Information Retrieval (Spelling checker, Search Engine), Optical Character Recognition, Speech Processing (Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition), Pronunciation Generator, Morphological Analysis, Parts of Speech Tagging, Syntax, Grammar Checker, Text Categorization, Language Modeling and many more interesting research areas.

    The Residential Semester (RS) of BRAC University (BRACU) is a unique experience in university education in Bangladesh
Academic Calender
    Date Event Day Title
    May 11th to May 15th Sunday to Thursday Advising of students for Summer 2014
    May 11th to May 20th Sunday to Tuesday Payment and Registration
    May 13th Tuesday Buddha Purnima*
    May 18th Sunday Classes of Summer 2014 begin
    May 25th Sunday Last Day to Withdraw With 100% Refund, Summer 2014
    June 3rd Tuesday Last Day to Withdraw With 75% Refund, Summer 2014
    June 3rd Tuesday Last Day to Add / Swap / Section Change Courses, Summer 2014
    June 12th Thursday Last Day to Withdraw With 50% Refund, Summer 2014
    June 12th Thursday Last Day To Withdraw Without W Grade, Summer 2014
    June 14th Saturday Shab-e-Barat*
    June 23rd Monday Last Day to Withdraw With W Grade, Summer 2014
    June 29th to July 3rd Sunday to Thursday Midterm Exams, Summer 2014
    July 28th to July 30th Monday to Wednesday Eid-Ul-Fitr
    August 14th Thursday Classes of Summer 2014 end
    August 15th to August 18th Friday to Monday Exam Preparatory Recess, Summer 2014
    August 19th to August 28th Tuesday to Thursday Final Exams, Summer 2014
    September 1st Monday Last day of submitting grades to the Registrar's Office by Dept.
    September 3rd Wednesday Publication of results for Summer 2014 Semester